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Ushered into the Awesome presence

I edge forward in fear and reverence

Knowing I stand on Holy Ground

A voice like rolling thunder

Eyes of fire

Clothed in bright light

I fall to my knees

for I am not worthy

How can I stand in Your awesome presence

How can I gaze on Your beauty and majesty

I am suddenly so aware of my failings

the stain of my sin marring what once was pure, and I am ashamed.


But then I hear Your whisper

telling me I have nothing to fear

You raise me to my feet

and clothe me in white

making me clean

blood red washing me white as snow

and Your voice


“I am the beginning and the end

the Living one who died

See I have saved you

redeemed you

made you mine

made you new.”


So now with the Saints I sing

of the One who has saved me

I sing of the salvation He has won

the great things He has done

The Holy Holy Holy LORD God Almighty

who always was

and always is

and always will be



I wrote this poem back in 2012, partly inspired by Revelation Song by Jesus Culture (below). It’s been on my mind recently and I was surprised to realised I’d never shared it on this blog.


Paris, je t’aime


I lived for a while in the south of France, and a little piece of my heart will always belong to that country. Paris is the city of my dreams, I hope to live there some day, and I wish I could be there now, doing something, anything to help, to soothe the broken, to ease the pain, to bring light and hope into the darkness and fear.

But I’m not there, I’m here. And while I may feel ineffectual, I believe in One who is bigger than the powers of darkness, stronger than the mightiest army and more loving than anyone could imagine. It is Him who brings comfort and hope, and I trust Him to be working in how we respond to the darkness we see.

And it is true, that we live in dark times, times of fear and anger and pain. Times of uncertainty – how to react in the face of such atrocities, how to protect those we love and show compassion to those in need. The attacks in Paris this weekend have brought the reality of the situation in the Middle East so much closer to home for us and have given us just a brief glimpse of the horror that millions are living through, dying in, fleeing from.

In these times, I believe we need two things: compassion, and hope.

We need compassion to share the sufferings of those who are hurting, and not just the people like us. We need to recognise that we are part of a global community (whether we like it or not) and we need to work together – to feed the hungry, house the homeless, rescue the captives.

And we need to have hope – that good will conquer evil (even if it takes a while), that love is stronger than hate, that light always dispels darkness.


L’Eternel est mon berger

Je ne manquerai de rien

Il me fait reposer dans des verts pâturages

Il me dirige près des eaux paisibles

Il restaure mon âme

Il me conduit dans les sentiers de la justice

A cause de son nom

Quand je marche dans la vallée de l’ombre de la mort

Je ne crains aucun mal

Car tu es avec moi

Ta houlette et ton bâton me rassurent

Tu dresses devant mou une table

En face de mes adversaires

Tu oins d’huile ma tête

Et ma coupe déborde

Oui, le bonheur et la grâce m’accompagneront

Tous les jours de ma vie

Et j’habiterai dans la maison de l’Eternel

Jusqu’à la fin de mes jours

Book Review: 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer


by Jenn Sprinkle and Kelly Rucker

(Note: in case the slightly stereotypical pinkness of the cover doesn’t make it clear, this is a devotional aimed at women – although that it is not to say that men may not get something out of it as well)

I was made aware of the impending release of this book just before Christmas via an online community of which myself and the producers of the book are a part. I immediately knew that the purchase and shipping of this book from the US would be a very good and necessary use of some of my Christmas money. I then waited impatiently for its release and for international shipping to bring it to me, as I knew I needed to read this book.

Those regular readers of mine with long memories may remember I mentioned that I had started this book back in March, at the dawn of essay season (if you are interested, you can read that post here). Those of you who can count may realise that if I have only just finished the book this week (which is in fact the case) it has taken me a heck of a lot longer than 31 days…! But the funny thing is, I found I was reading each prayer on the day I was meant to. If I had stuck to the schedule I had intended for myself, some of the prayers would not have impacted me in the way that they did. Thankfully I was gracious to myself, and allowed myself to take the time I needed.

As you may have realised, my life is pretty hectic, between working and studying. I also find that studying theology has at times actually made me feel a bit distant from God as I get too academic and forget the reason for studying is to know and love Him better. So I used this book as a daily breather between my day job and my studies, to give me a few moments of peace and focus on God before getting to grips again with the essays. This was so needed. Essay writing is stressful, and it was also our busiest time of year at work, so this book gave me the little bit of space I needed each day to stop and rest and reflect.

Each prayer is on a different topic, and not all of them will be relevant to everyone, but even the ones that I didn’t think would be actually did have something to say to me. The prayers are followed each day by a page of Bible verses related to the topic and a few questions for reflection. Some days I answered the questions in my journal, others I just used them to stimulate reflection which led to writing my own prayers.

The introductions and final section of author biographies gave an insight into the process of getting the book out there and made me feel connected to this amazing community of ladies – it showed me how much they care about their readers.

I know I will keep coming back to this book and rereading it when I am in seasons where I need that daily peace. I also have a long list of people I want to lend it to (or even give a copy as a present!)

If you are a busy person who needs to refocus on God, or a lady who struggles with feeling inferior, or someone with a heart full of dreams who needs to find some focus, I am convinced this book will really help you.

This book is available on Amazon or direct from The {well} Studio.

A poem for Tori

Recently, I’ve been following the story of a beautiful baby girl called Tori and her parents, Brennan and Lesa Brackbill. Tori has been diagnosed with Krabbe disease, which is terminal – but people all around the world are praying that God would heal her and strengthen her family at this time.

You can read their story over at Lesa’s blog: https://thebrackbills.wordpress.com

A few days ago I was rereading some of my old poems, and I came across this one. It seemed so pertinent to their situation that today I am dedicating it to Tori and her parents


In the midst

Of another sleepless night

Where worries weigh

And thoughts twist, turn and tumble

I again can only trust

That You are true

Watching over the worn out, weary and weak

Strengthening the strained

Refreshing and renewing the restless worrier

Keeping the called in Your care

When we are empty

You can refill

When we are burnt out

You can refuel

When we are broken

You can remake

When all is torn apart

You recreate

I am #TeamTori