More words coming soon… I really promise…

so I know what I said… That when I finished my essay and my course was done for the summer I would have more time to write etc etc etc but what I’ve found is I’ve needed a bit of time of not writing to give my brain a rest. Also, Wimbledon is on and that is such a pleasant distraction and has really been helping me unwind…

But I do have a few things ticking over in my brain and I just need to sit down and write them out. And I plan on doing it soon. I can’t go very long without writing. I need to write regularly in order to function. It’s how I process life – even if what I’m writing bears little resemblance to what is happening around me. It’s the process of taking a jumbled bundle of thoughts in my head and making them into something that other people can understand. I feel better just for these few short paragraphs.

So bear with a little longer and new stuff will be appearing here soon 🙂


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